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Ways to Stay Active When at Home

Keeping fit is not only essential for our physical health, but also for our mental well-being. But with gyms and swimming pools closed and exercise classes cancelled, how can we keep motivated to exercise inside our own homes?

Inspiration to get fit was available in abundance at the beginning of the first lockdown; from Joe Wicks bouncing onto YouTube each morning to health and fitness gurus popping up on morning TV shows, there was no end of new and exciting ideas. However, a year on and it may be feeling a little stale; spending so much time indoors really does take its toll emotionally, leaving us with less ‘get up and go’.

Exercise doesn’t have to mean changing into gym gear and lifting weights; a walk outside your home can really lift your spirits and get your heart pumping. Try scheduling in one for each day, even if it’s just a short walk around the block.

If you fancy getting a little out of puff, there are plenty of online fitness classes, many of them free. Check out YouTube for some ideas; Joe Wicks is ideal for people of any age and fitness levels. Instagram Reels, Facebook and TikTok are good ways to find new inspiration if you feel you need a reboot, and if you’re missing exercise classes, having an instructor to follow adds a sense of inclusivity.

If you’re a visual person and need to see some progress, strap on a smartwatch. They often give you a rundown of how many calories you have burned and your heart-rate during your workout, encouraging and motivating you to continue (or even to beat yourself next time). Some smartwatches will even connect with your television or games console, giving you an ongoing visual as to how well you’re doing; great for when you feel like giving up!

Exercise comes in many forms; even sweeping the stairs or cleaning the bathroom counts, as long as you increase your heart rate. Stick on your favourite music and let’s get pumping!

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