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Mental Health

Professional Care and Support for people with Mental Health Problems available in Your Own Home

We are now offering the services of our highly experienced and trained staff to care for people experiencing mental health problems in their own homes. By identifying and diagnosing common symptoms of mental illness and recommending and delivering an appropriate and cost effective care solution.

We will work with mentally challenged people who:

Require re-enablement care following a hospital discharge

Have personality disorders,

Suffer from anxiety, depression,  stress and require anger management.

Have mild schizophrenia and may self-harm.

User Benefits:

A care solution for mentally challenged.

Users that is both flexible and dependable.

Care tailored to the needs of individuals.

A mental care service delivered to users in their own homes.


SFI Staff Priorities:

Service User Dignity & Respect

Personal Safety

Financial Protection

Security of the home

Our Support

Personal support and assistance with washing, showering, bathing, toileting, and grooming, delivered by professionally trained carers is an essential part of the SFI Care Solutions offer.

Our services for users with learning disabilities or those who are physically disabled also include:

Escorts to hospital or medical and dental appointments (transport can be provided)

Creating a caring environment and providing companionship to service users.

In-house cleaning and domestic services e.g. ironing and washing-up

Budget management and help with paying bills.

Medication administration and prescription collection.

Involvement and access to activities in the local community

Help with shopping

Dietary support and help preparing nutritious meals


User Benefits:

Service users are encouraged to make their own choices and to lead fulfilling lives.

Have companionship, support and access to the community.

Encouraged to develop and live independent lifestyles.

Care Plan

SFI staff undertake a detailed assessment of each of our service users care requirements and produce a comprehensive care plan that is specific to the needs of the person. The care plan is then reviewed at regular intervals with the service user and their family to ensure that it continues to provide the level of support that is needed and wanted.

SFI Care Solutions for users with learning and physical disabilities promotes respect for:

Equality - fair treatment and an opportunity to participate on equal terms for all people who use our service. 

Diversity - differences and similarities in culture, religion, sexuality and ethnicity.

Human Rights - rights to life, rights to liberty and to security, rights to respect for private and family life, freedom of thought, conscience and religion, and freedom of expression. 

Inclusion - a service users inclusion in the community and in the way that SFI services are offered and operated.


User Benefits:

Service users can specify their own personalised care plan.

Care plans are reviewed and updated at regular intervals according to the users’ needs and requirements.

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