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Personalised Care

SFI Care Organisation are now pleased to offer the services of our highly experienced and qualified staff to care for people who have learning disabilities, mental health and the physically disabled in their own homes. Our goal is to build people’s confidence to live as independently as possible.

SFI Care Organisation will help individuals to make the necessary decisions that affect their daily lives (i.e. who you live with, who you socialise with, what you would like to eat and the activities that are available).  We will support people in what they want to do and when they want to do it. We work with individuals to establish how much support they need and how to accomplish what they intend to do.

We provide initial one to one care and enable staff to work closely with the individuals. We recognise that all people should:

  • have the opportunity to choose a home which suits their needs and abilities taking account of personal safety

  • be empowered people to integrate more within the  community

  • attend college, work and socialise, to travel and to participate in the community.


With this in mind SFI Care Organisation supports people to choose to live in their own homes or in shared homes.

With liaison between estate agents and landlords with properties we provide support for people to be provided with housing within their area of preference.

Personalised Care Support

SFI Care Organisation provide a variety of supported services to people with learning disabilities needs such as escorts, driving to hospital appointments &  companionship.

These range from support for a few hours a week to shared housing with 24 hr staffing, where we provide low level floating support and also accommodation based support.

Our Support includes personal support and assistance with washing, showering, bathing, toileting and grooming delivered by professional trained carers.


Our services include:

• Escorts to college, hospital or medical and dental appointments

• Creating a caring environment and companionship

• In-house cleaning and domestic training e.g. ironing and washing-up

• Budget management

• Medication administration and prescription collection

• Involvement and access to activities in the local community

• Help with shopping

• Dietary support and help preparing nutritious meals

SFI will ensure:

• Service user respect and dignity is paramount

• It is staff priority to ensure personal safety, financial protection and security of the home

• Service users are assisted to have a good quality life within the home. 

• Encouraged to have an independent lifestyle.

• Service users can specify their own personalised care plan

• Care plans are reviewed and updated at regular intervals

• Service users are introduced to new activities and interests.

• Service users are given opportunities to make new friends and to rekindle old friendships

• Service users are encouraged to be active members of the community.

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