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Time Out to a Tee

We live in an incredibly busy, fast-moving and connected world. We carry notifications, communications and our workload in our pockets. We answer emails while walking down the road, we eat lunch while undertaking remote work, we answer phone calls in the supermarket. We are overloaded.

Rarely do we consider that taking time out is a necessity; more likely, we view peace and quiet as a luxury, and this is damaging to our mental health. Even if you can’t fit in an afternoon strolling through beautiful countryside, it’s important to take some time to reconnect with yourself, to reflect, and to block out the constant buzz of busy everyday life.

Step back and think about what you enjoy doing. Turn off your phone, put your laptop to sleep and concentrate on doing that one thing. It may be twenty minutes of yoga, or it may be savouring a hot cup of tea or baking some cakes. Whichever activity you choose, you have chosen it for yourself, cementing the truth that you are important.

Some mental health problems, including anxiety and depression, can be caused by over-stimulation and the pressures of modern life. And if you already suffer with mental health issues, added pressure could play a part in making them worse. Time out from the never-ending noise of life will benefit you in so many ways, helping you avoid developing mental health issues, and avoiding stress-related relapses.

If you are able to take a little time outdoors, jump at the chance! Green spaces are proven to have a positive effect on our wellbeing, and even something as simple as planting some flowers or scattering some seeds can reduce feelings of stress, frustration and anger.

Multi-tasking may feel like winning but in truth it adds pressure to already pressurised situations, so the next time you’re in the supermarket and your phone beeps, please remember that the notification will still be there when you have finished your current task. And why not have a cup of tea before you check it out?

It’s time for time out.

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