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The Power of a Quiet Place

Silence is golden, sang The Four Seasons back in the swinging sixties, and how right they were. In a busy and noisy world, our ears and minds rarely get a break from the constant noise of life around us, and for this reason, the opportunity to retreat to a quiet place is essential for our wellbeing. But what are the benefits of a quiet place, and how can you incorporate its powers into your daily routine?

When thinking of a peaceful and tranquil haven, you may conjure up images of an empty field, or a deserted beach, quickly dismissing the idea of quietness as impossible to achieve on a daily basis. However, quietness can be found in many places, even if it means shutting yourself away in the bathroom for a period of time each day!

Silence is essential for our health and wellbeing, lowering physiological stress responses, such as heartrate and blood pressure. A 2013 study discovered that just two hours of silence creates new cells in the hippocampus region, an area responsible for learning, remembering and emotions. In addition to this benefit, just two minutes of silence lowers blood cortisol levels and adrenaline, decreasing stress; and has been found to be more beneficial to the body than listening to music.

Taking time out to appreciate silence allows your brain to relax, assisting with creative process and problems that you may find difficult to concentrate on when surrounded by noise. Reflecting and being aware of your self and your immediate surroundings are focus points often overlooked when struggling against the tide of everyday life.

Taking a break from the notifications, ringing, talking and demands of daily life is a simple yet essential part of maintaining wellbeing; and with silence proven to have positive physiological benefits after just two minutes, it’s certainly something we could all fit in our busy lives. So, turn off the phone, close the door, breathe deeply and focus on absolutely nothing other than the calmness around and within you.

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