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Summer depression- what is it, and how can I help myself?

Seasonal depression is something that many of us have already heard of; however, when we think of our mental health as linked to the time of year, then many of us will think of winter and the link it has to depression.

Of course, this type of seasonal depression is common, but what you may not realise Is that summer depression is also something that can and does happen.

It is thought that as many as 30% of people who suffer from seasonal depression feel its effect during the warmer weather, and whilst it may be sunny outside, the feelings that can come up are still genuine.

What are the signs of summertime depression?

Summertime depression is when you feel depressed most of the day, and these feelings occur nearly every day. You will likely have low energy levels and even activities that you once really enjoyed become challenging to enjoy.

You might not concentrate as well as on the tasks you have to complete, and you will often have feelings of worthlessness and hopelessness. You may find it hard to sleep and have a lack of appetite too.

What can you do to help?

Whilst you may not always be able to control your summertime depression, there is good news in the form of various things that you can try and do to make things better.

One of the first things that you can do is to identify triggers that you may have, as when you can identify these, you can start to find ways to help combat them. Some people may find that a trigger is a need for more childcare or perhaps worrying about money when it comes to being able to go on holidays with your family.

Another reason summer can lead to depression is that it can increase body-image issues or simply not enjoy the heat or humidity.

Another thing that can help with summertime depression is to make good quality sleep a priority. Insomnia is often a part of feeling depressed and warm nights can make it even harder to get the rest you need.

Try to make sure that you prioritise sleep as much as you can because when you have had a good night’s sleep, everything will feel a lot brighter in the world around you. To do this, you should think about ways to get to sleep. Consider using white noise or nature sounds to help you drop off and keep the room as cool as possible.

One final tip to help with feelings of summer depression is to establish a routine. This will help you feel more motivated to face the day ahead and give you comfort in knowing what is coming up.

This routine does not need to be anything too complicated or packed full. Sometimes, it is simply setting a time to get up, brush your teeth, shower, and when you should be eating your main meals.

It can be hard to think positively when you are in the midst of depression. But, sometimes, simply trying to look on the positive side of things is the best thing that you can do for yourself at this difficult time.

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