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Plastic Free July 2022 - Improving the Environment and Your Mental Health

Sometimes, you just have to try and give back to the world around you. For many people, this will be participating in plastic free July 2022. This is an event which is designed to try and cover the amount of plastic pollution produced by the world on a regular basis, and will see people all across the nation and indeed internationally try to use as little plastic as possible.

However, it’s not just the environment that could benefit from this event. Lots of people are saying it is a good opportunity to improve something very important, their mental health.

What is Plastic Free July?

So, here is the thing about plastic free July. It’s a global movement designed to try and reduce the amount of plastic pollution for one month.

Essentially, the movement boils down to trying to encourage people to avoid using single-use plastics. These are considered to be some of the worst plastics that a person can use because they can’t be recycled. Instead, you just have to throw them away when you are done.

Helping Mental Health?

So, plastic free July, as a movement, probably seems like quite a good idea. However, the thing that you might not know is that actually, this is a movement that can be good for your mental health.

It’s safe to say that the environment is a big concern for a lot of people right now.

We are living in a period in history where climate change is very obvious, and the noticeable effects that it’s having on the planet are beginning to make themselves known. Natural disasters are occurring with more frequency, and extreme weather conditions are commonplace. It’s very normal now to see a heat wave followed by a raging storm within 24 hours.

Understandably, the stress of climate change can be very upsetting for people. Many of us are not having a good time with it, which is why it can be really important to try and do something positive like plastic free July. This movement is about contributing meaningfully towards a global initiative designed to help the planet, which can be really positive for mental health. Hopefully, people who participate in this will start to feel like they are contributing meaningfully, which will help them to improve their mental health.

Final Thoughts

So, plastic free July is a movement that will definitely help the environment, but at the same time, it can also be really good for people's mental health. Meaningfully contributing towards a global initiative that is designed to help the planet will definitely give people a much-needed sense of accomplishment. If you’re currently struggling with your mental health, then this could be a good way to try and take a positive step towards getting back on track. You should definitely participate in plastic free July anyway, but if it makes you feel better as a person, then that’s fantastic.

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