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Mindfulness Tips for Busy People

Making a conscious decision to take time out to be more mindful is the first step in pursuing that coveted sense of inner calm, however, finding the time to be mindful is quite often a dealbreaker. But you don’t need to be in a silent room with meditative music playing in order to take some time for yourself (although wouldn’t that be wonderful?); mindfulness comes in many shapes and sizes; read on for some quick and easy mindfulness tips.

Walk this way

You can exercise mindfulness while walking – on your way to work, on the school run, during a run; walking is the perfect activity for resetting your busy brain. Concentrate on your footsteps to centre yourself, then gradually expand your awareness to encompass everything around you. Notice other people passing by, and the buildings or scenery around you. Focus on the positives; can you hear sounds that make you feel good? It could be birdsong, people laughing, or even the sound of cars passing by. Focus on all the things you are enjoying about the world that surrounds you right now. If your thoughts wander, bring them closer to you by concentrating again on your footsteps.

Short and sweet

It may seem counter-productive to take time out when everything feels very busy, but short five-minute bursts of mindfulness can make your brain more productive, allowing thoughts to flow more freely. Instead (or as well as) tea-breaks, take several five-minute mindfulness breaks, during which you concentrate on your own body and its immediate surroundings.


Multi-tasking isn’t all it’s cracked up to be; it creates a tangled space in our minds, which can become increasingly difficult to untangle as the hours go by. Instead of priding yourself on multi-tasking, focus on one task at time, asking yourself questions about it and completing it calmly and mindfully. Bullet journaling is a great way of mindfully managing to-do lists.

Be more Zen

“When walking, walk. When eating, eat.” Again, doing one thing at a time is the key to a calmer state of being. Slow down a little, concentrate on your lunch when you are eating rather than trying to eat and type at the same time. How does your food smell and taste? Chew it slowly and savour every moment!

It’s so important to dedicate time to yourself without feeling guilty. Off-load some pressure by practising quick and easy mindfulness tips, paving your way to a less stressful life.

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