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Kindness Makes the World a Better Place

It’s a tough world to live in right now, with many people struggling on both professional and personal levels. So, this World Kindness Day, we would like to help everyone spread a little love by offering a few ideas as to how to bring a smile to those who need a little kindness in their lives.

There’s no time like the present

A little gift goes a long way. A small token, however inexpensive, is sure to help put a smile on someone’s face as it shows you are thinking of them. Perhaps send a postcard to say hi to a friend you haven’t seen for a while, or some seeds or bulbs to a faraway relative to plant in their garden this coming spring.

Pick up the phone

Many of us are guilty of communicating solely by text messaging or social media, but sometimes you just can’t beat the sound of someone’s voice. Call that person you’ve been meaning to speak to for a while, tell them how important they are, be the reason they smile today.

The way to a person’s heart

It might not be through their stomach, but it’s a possibility! Cook up a little more than you need and offer some to a local friend or neighbour who doesn’t have time to cook for themselves. Or maybe save them that last slice of cake; because nothing makes smiles like cakes do, right?

Ask questions

People are often embarrassed to ask for help and will be relieved to have a chat with someone about their struggles. Think about people who may be having a hard time and let them know you’re there.

Smile and the world smiles with you

A simple smile will make someone’s day, we guarantee it. We may be locked down and social distancing, but that doesn’t stop us nodding a hello to a neighbour, sharing a smile with a stranger, or thanking someone with a smile if they stop to let us pass.

Let’s get the world smiling again on World Kindness Day.

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