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Ideas for Activities to Engage Older Relatives

As our loved ones get older, it can become more challenging to find ways to engage them in activities that are both enjoyable and stimulating. With the demands of our own busy lives, it’s easy to feel guilty about not making the most of our time with our older relatives. However, there are many ways to engage and enjoy time with them that are fun and help promote mental and physical wellbeing. Read on for some ideas.

Days out

If you have both children and older family members to consider, it can feel like a real challenge to please everyone at the same time. Days out at the park or beach are often the way to go, or there may be films or shows that appeal to a wide range of audiences.


Encouraging older relatives to take up hobbies can be a way of promoting their independence and enhancing their social life. Knitting, gardening, and painting are all ideas to consider, taking into account activity levels.

Games nights

Spend quality time with your relative by arranging a games night that the whole family can enjoy. A little competition is healthy for everyone, and it’s also a great opportunity for bonding.


We’re not suggesting a HIIT class, but with physical activity beneficial regardless of age, it’s a great opportunity to get older relatives involved in everyday family life. Inviting them along for walks, or even joining a gentle exercise class together will improve everyone’s physical health and overall wellbeing.


Finding a mutual cause and volunteering your time is a great way to bond. Whether that’s fundraising, working in a shop, or organising events, volunteering together for a cause you are both passionate about is a positive way to spend time together.

Story sharing

Taking time out to listen to your relative’s stories is a wonderful way to connect. Age brings a wealth of experience and knowledge, and your relative may have interesting stories about their childhood, their experiences during historical events, and even cultural heritage that can help you learn more about your ancestors and their customs.

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