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How to support my child in transitioning to a new class or school

There are lots of circumstances why children might have to move schools or classes, they could be moving to a new key stage, they could be moving through the school or it could be down to a move of house.

Children are resilient, this is true, but you may not realise it but a move to a new class or school can really be a time of anxiety for children. As a parent we want our children to be as happy as possible, no matter what is happening around them in their lives, which is why we need to do whatever we can to help our children to make this somewhat tricky transition.

Talk to them

Many parents think that if their child doesn't mention the move then they are okay and they don’t have to talk about their concerns. However, this is not the case. Children need to be shown how to talk about their feelings and be given space to actually express them. Sit down and let them know that they can share what their concerns are, perhaps you could lead by example and tell them the things that are on your mind (particularly if you are also moving).

Lessen their load at home

Children who are moving to a new class or school are going to feel a whole lot of pressure to do well and to achieve. This means that one of the kindest things that you can do for them at home is to cut them some slack.

Don’t let them put pressure on themselves at home, let them just enjoy their free time and alleviate some of the stress that they may feel elsewhere in their lives.

Play with them

It can be hard not to let every conversation be around the changes, especially if the whole family are going to be moving. However, it is important to spend time with your child away from these thoughts. Find times to play with them, to let off some steam. The interaction is not only going to be positive for your child, but good for you too.

Try and keep your normal routine

Children love a routine and at times when they are feeling stressed out and overwhelmed they can really begin to rely on their routines. This means that no matter what is going on in the rest of their life, they can still feel comfortable that they are going to have their usual routine. You may not realise it, but this will provide lots of comfort to them at a difficult time.

It might take time, but we can promise you that with your support your child will get through this difficult time and come through the other side. They will not only be stronger, but they will feel ready and prepared to face any more challenges in their life.

All because you took the time to show them how to get through it and how to feel supported.

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