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How to get your outside time in the winter

We all know that it is essential to get as much outside time as we possibly can. Not only does it help to try and access fresh air regularly, but being outside also means that we are being active too.

During the warmer weather, it is relatively easy to find the motivation to get outside; however, as the weather starts to turn colder and winter makes an appearance, being outside doesn’t seem like such a tempting thing.

To help you still find the motivation to get outside, even in the cold weather, we have put together our top tips on how you can still get outside during the winter months.

Always wear layers

Sometimes the only thing we can do during the winter months is wrap up as warm as possible and then just brave the cold weather out there. You can, of course, invest in a nice warm coat to help you tolerate being out in the cold, but another great thing you can do is to ensure that you dress in layers.

Lots of layers can help trap the warmth in nice and close to your skin, whilst you can have a slightly thicker, waterproof jacket or coat as your top layer. It is also essential to ensure you don’t ever overlook the importance of a hat, as much of the heat you lose from your body is through your head.

Don’t plan to spend too long outside

You may love spending hours outside when it is warm and sunny. However, this is not necessarily possible during the winter, simply because it is so cold out there. Instead, it is much better to approach being outside in the winter in smaller chunks.

Not only will you have to limit the amount of time you spend outside, but you may also find that you cannot cover as much ground as you normally would on a walk or while exercising. There is no shame in this; it is just part of winter.

Appreciate the beauty

It has to be said that the natural world is beautiful (in different ways) all year round, but compared to autumn and spring, winter isn’t always seen as a beautiful season. We think this is a real shame as winter when seen in the right way, can be just as beautiful.

Sure there are not the same animals or plant life around in the winter, but it is still a fantastic season to be out and about. You can take in some of the more stark parts of the world around you, spotting signs of growth and that life is still carrying on, even though the weather has been less than kind.

The main thing to do when it comes to being active outside in the winter is to recognise your limitations. Never push things further than what you are comfortable with, and if the time has come to call it quits and head back inside, you need to do this. Otherwise, you may end up falling ill and unable to enjoy the beautiful world around you.

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