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How to Create a Fitness Plan You Will Love

Starting your fitness journey can be exciting, but without with the right plan, it's easy to lose motivation. It’s important to remember that what works for one person might not work for another and that you may need to try different things before finding something that feels right to you. These tips on how to create a fitness plan you will love will help you get started on the right foot and teach you how to stick with it in the long run.

First steps

Set realistic fitness goals that don't feel daunting. If you set goals that are too difficult, you may end up feeling unable to get off the starting blocks. Find an accountability partner, perhaps a friend or relative, who can help spur you on during times when you feel less motivated. Exercising with someone else always feels more like fun than a chore.

Planning your workouts

Planning your workouts is the key to creating effective, long-lasting plans that can help you get fit and stay healthy. No matter what type of fitness routine you’re looking for, planning each workout will keep you focused and motivated. Planning can take the form of blocks of exercise, for example, twenty minute pilates sessions plus a five-minute mindful cooldown, or just simply writing down which exercises you will do on each day. Try to mix it up a little to keep it fresh.

Exercising regularly

Exercise doesn’t have to be tedious or boring! Keep yourself motivated by choosing activities you love and making your workout part of your routine. Perhaps walking the school run, or listening to a podcast while walking a few hills. There are some free classes online that are easy to slot into a daily routine, if you are unable to leave the house or are short on time.

Tips for keeping motivated

It's easy to lose motivation if you find your workouts hard or they don't fit in with your lifestyle. This is why it's important to set realistic goals, and to keep focused on why you are exercising. It could be for health reasons, to increase your time outside, or to give you some time to yourself. Whenever you are feeling low in motivation, write down your goals again, adjusting them if needed. And don't forget to call on that accountability buddy if you have one; that's exactly what they are there for!

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