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How to Cope When Alone With Your Thoughts

Being alone and feeling lonely are two very separate things; sometimes it feels peaceful and calm to be alone, whereas at other times being alone can feel overwhelming. Here are some tips to help you occupy your mind when you are struggling.

Get creative

According to the old saying, ‘busy hands and idle minds have knitted many a sweater’! Keeping your mind occupied on an intricate task can be beneficial to help alleviate immediate feelings of loneliness. Any craft will help; you can even buy kits online that provide you with a different craft to learn each month, giving you new skills and focus. Mindfulness colouring books are also a great way to centre your attention.

Switch off your phone

It may seem like the natural distraction to turn to when feeling bored or lonely but turning to your device can be counter-productive; social media is often awash with negativity, and constant news updates can be overwhelming. Instead of scrolling, turn your device off and read a book, or use one of our other techniques to occupy your mind.

Watch a movie or funny show

Laughter is an underrated activity, releasing endorphins, strengthening your immune system, boosting mood and protecting you from stress. So, pop on that comedy and laugh away; it is, after all, the best medicine!


It’s easy to neglect looking after yourself during times of stress or worry, when actually it’s them most important time to do so. Run a bath, practise some mindfulness techniques, go for a walk, or buy yourself that small treat you’ve been looking forward to.

Identify the cause of your feelings

Occupying your mind is valuable on a short-time basis, but it’s important to identify the root cause of your feelings rather than turning to distractions. If you are struggling with your feelings or need to talk, contact your GP who will be able to support you.

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