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Fitness Hacks: Exercises You Can Do in Ten Minutes

Implementing a fitness regime can feel daunting, particularly if you haven’t been to a gym for a while, or you have difficulty in social situations or with motivation. The good news is that you can implement bite-size chunks of exercise into your daily routine, taking small steps to build up your confidence, motivation and fitness levels. Here are some ten minute fitness hacks.

Don’t stand still

While you’re waiting for the kettle to boil or the pasta to cook, keep moving. Do some quick exercises, such as calf raises or lunges, to get your blood pumping and your muscles toned.

Stand up to work

Standing up uses more calories than sitting, so there’s no excuse even if you have a sedentary job. Stand up each time you take a call, or invest in as standing desk. Take breaks every hour to stretch your legs and walk round the block (or garden, if working from home). Or you could even power up and down some stairs or steps for five minutes.

Exercise in front of the TV

If going to the gym fills you with dread and you would rather watch TV, why not incorporate exercise into your existing routine, rather than the other way round. Instead of skipping the ads, use them as the perfect time to do some squats, sit-ups and lunges.

That bike

That exercise bike that’s been sitting in the garage for ten years? Dust it off, oil it, and make it part of your routine. Just ten minutes of cycling is enough to burn calories and improve your stamina. In addition, if you add intervals to your training, it’s proven to be as beneficial as longer endurance training.

Mix it up

Implementing a series of ten-minute workouts will work wonders for your motivation, ensuring your routine doesn’t feel stale. There is a huge range of workouts available for free on YouTube, so make yourself a seven-day playlist and get pumping!

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