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Feeling the psychological after effects of lockdown - where to get help

Covid-19 and the lockdowns that we have had to live through over the past two years have impacted all of us and how we feel. So many people have reported that their mental health has suffered due to being part of a lockdown.

With so many people now feeling the psychological aftereffects of lockdown, it makes sense for us to look at these and how you can get help with them, whether that is on your own or from someone professional.

The world after lockdowns

Mental health issues were around long before we faced a world with Covid-19 in it, but it is safe to say that there has been a definite increase in mental health issues since this time. Leading mental health charity Mind has looked at the impact of lockdowns on people of all ages. They found that over half of adults and over two-thirds of young people have found that their mental health has worsened since the lockdowns were first introduced.

Those who have found their mental health is worsening have tried to find their coping strategies. For some people, these can be positive changes, such as connecting with family or friends that are important to them or turning to exercise to try and make positive changes.

Other less positive coping strategies that have also been seen are overeating, undereating, alcohol and drug misuse and even self-harming.

Why is this?

There are several reasons why this decline in mental health has occurred. For many, it was the fact that they simply could not go and see those they loved the most. This led to feelings of isolation as well as loneliness.

Another reason that mental health has been impacted is the concern for others out there who may become sick and even die due to catching Covid-19. This is particularly true for young people surrounded by their older families.

An issue for older people, such as those with families to support, has been the rise of living costs that seem to have come out of the lockdowns and jobs being at risk and finances generally becoming tighter to manage.

What can you do?

One of the most worrying statistics to come out of these lockdowns is that so many people feel that they cannot access the support they need to get better. This could be because they do not think they are entitled to look for help, or it could be because the help they need is not available to them when they look for it.

As we have already mentioned, reaching out to those who love and support you is one of the best things you can do for yourself when you feel that your mental health is declining. You should also try and find out how to access professional support at this time too. Think about booking a visit to your doctor and discussing with them how you feel. They will be able to show you the right places to go to find the support that you need.

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