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Don't Keep it Bottled Up

Sometimes we can feel like things become overwhelming and we aren’t quite sure how to cope, but we also feel unable to vocalise these feelings for fear that we will look weak or be rejected. However, this can exacerbate things.

This can be true of people with a variety of difficulties, such as overthinking or struggling with anxiety. In these instances, it becomes easy to hold on to thoughts and feelings for fear of being rejected or misunderstood or losing the respect of those who’s opinion we value, even if the logical part of our mind tells us otherwise.

It is important to remember though, that the people around us love and care about us and are there to support us through the difficult times. Opening up to someone close to you can be a rewarding experience as it means an ability to unburden some doubts and also get different perspectives on doubts and worries that might help to provide clarity, as well as strengthen already solid bonds with people you care about.

Your thoughts, feelings, and opinions are also as valid as anyone else’s and while it can be difficult, remember that what you want to talk about is just as important as what anyone might also bring up. It can also be the case that doubts and worries, if left supressed, can weigh you down and affect other areas of your life, so it is important to try and get to the root of any anxieties or feelings you may have.

If you aren’t comfortable in speaking to friends or family, you can try creating a journal or blog. Writing down feelings helps relieve you of the burden of carrying them around and also has the added benefit of helping you to read back over the words to make sense of everything you have been feeling.

There are also a number of professional organisations which provide telephone or face-to-face services, so you can speak with someone who is able to properly listen and provide helpful advice and comfort to you. SFI Care Solutions is able to offer the services of its highly experienced and trained staff to care for people experiencing mental health problems in their own homes. Call us today on 0800 389 7343 or email: for more information.

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