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Daily Habits that Count as Exercise

Fitness doesn’t have to be a time-consuming ordeal. Just because you aren’t doing high-intensity workouts with your gym buddy or jogging on the treadmill every morning doesn’t mean you aren’t getting in some exercise. In fact, depending on your job, you may already be doing some form of physical activity every day! Make these habits part of your routine, and you’ll see how easy it can be to close that exercise ring each week.


It’s easy, free, and doesn’t require any special equipment or training. You can walk just about anywhere—your neighbourhood, a nearby park, or your office building during your lunch break. Walking instead of taking the car will help you keep fit while reducing your carbon footprint, and since it’s typically low-impact, you can use it to build up strength in places where running may cause problems.


While you might consider chores like doing your dishes, vacuuming, or taking out the bins to be more duties than exercise, they do still burn calories. If you haven’t got time for a more formal exercise plan, try doing your housework to a pumping soundtrack — this will get you moving and burn off some of those calories. Even better, set thirty minutes aside each day to dedicate to vigorous housework. A clean house and a cardio workout is a win-win!

Water activities

Water activities are an excellent way to stay active without even thinking about it. A gentle swim or playing in a pool can burn hundreds of calories—and having fun is crucial when it comes to staying motivated.


While shopping doesn’t necessarily burn calories, it does require physical exertion, and you can easily combine your trips to the supermarket with a little calorie-burning cardio. Give yourself a time-limit for a big grocery shop, and park a little further from the store to squeeze in a few more steps.

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