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An Activities Roundup!

The support that we provide our residents is so much more than 'just' the physical aspects of care. It includes a lot more, such as support for their general wellbeing and numerous internal and external activities.

Although the recent Covid-19 pandemic has changed how we are able to support our residents with activities, we have still been able to provide a diverse programme using some innovative ideas.

We will be writing an article on this soon however we thought that we would spend some time looking at a few snaps from activities and outings that residents have enjoyed! We hope you enjoy your read.

The first photo is of a fantastic group of residents and members at our activities centre where we hold a wide range of sessions, completely led by those who attend!

This was a popular outing and one that stuck in all of our minds for quite some time. Can you guess where we headed out to visit? It's none other than a right royal outing to Buckingham Palace. Unfortunately, the Queen was not waiting to greet us when we arrived!

Our activities are not limited to trips out and a favourite is certainly our board game and puzzle sessions. As well as being great fun, they provide excellent mental stimulation. With our range of puzzles or games to choose from, we certainly find that everyone has their favourite.

Do you know your onions? All we can say is that we do now! When the time of year is right, residents love nothing more than exercising their green fingers planting some vegetables for us to enjoy tucking into when they are ready to harvest.

Another popular activity that residents enjoy is our arts and craft sessions! These sessions can range from anything such as freestyle drawing or painting to the more complex painting and crafts. It always amazes us when we see the skill of our residents!

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