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A Guide to Online Therapy

Increasing numbers of people are discovering the convenience of online therapy, and it’s easy to see why. Perfect for people who are unable to attend in-person therapy sessions, online therapy is a viable solution with research showing it can be just as effective as conventional alternatives. Here is a short guide to online therapy, how it works, and how to find a therapist.

Types of online therapy

There are several types of online therapy, including text-based, video conference, audio, email, online chat and messaging. The key to choosing the right type is in ascertaining what you need from your sessions. If you want that face-to-face feeling, video calls may be the best for you. Or, if you prefer a medium that allows you to write out your thoughts, you may prefer a text-based course, such as email or messaging.

Reasons to choose online therapy

The internet had already changed everything, and then along came a pandemic that forced us all into our homes. Online therapy saw a real boom during this period as people adapted to their ‘new normal’, trying to survive in the best way they could. The popularity of online therapy has not seen a slump since the easing of restrictions, and could be the way forward, with many finding it a more convenient and simpler approach. If you are struggling for time, want to take out the hassle of travelling to and from sessions, or find it difficult to leave the house, it’s a practical alternative.

How to find an online therapist

If you have a health insurance policy, it will often cover the cost of therapy, including online sessions. Workplaces may also offer sessions free of charge, so are a good first port of call. Alternatively, contact your GP or search an online directory, such as the UK Council for Psychotherapy to find a therapist. However, if you feel overwhelmed, or are in a mental health crisis, please seek support from a medical professional as soon as possible.

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