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5 Tips for Practising Self-Care on a Budget

The concept of self-care can seem frivolous if you’re trying to get by on limited funds, but it’s important to remember that it extends beyond things like beauty treatments and massages. Practising self-care doesn’t mean buying yourself expensive things – it means making time in your schedule to take care of your physical, mental, and emotional needs, even if that means doing little things like giving yourself a break from household tasks. Here are five tips for practising self-care on a budget.

Understand what self-care is

Sometimes, it’s easier to define self-care through an example. If you’re wondering what self-care is, consider these questions: What makes you feel relaxed and/or happy? How do you make yourself happy when you’re feeling anxious or stressed? Whatever the answers are will lead you to the self-care that is most beneficial for you.

Where to start with budget self-care

'I don't have enough money to indulge in the frivolity of self-care,' is a concept that is untrue. Self-care can be free: taking time out of your day to go for a walk in nature, or sitting in the garden instead of rushing from task to task can help you unwind.

What can you do in your own home?

The best place to start is right in your own home. Put on some relaxing music, light a candle and let yourself melt away any stress or anxiety that has built up over time. If baths aren’t really your thing, try taking a long shower instead—the warm water will do wonders for your mood!

Maintaining contact with friends

A night out doesn’t need to be expensive to be fun. If you want to get your friends together for a casual night at home, try setting up an outdoor movie screening with a few of your favourite films, or an evening playing board games in your local park. Hosting dinners where everyone brings a dish is a fun and inexpensive way of spending time with friends. With everyone bringing their own dishes and drinks, you can still enjoy each other’s company while only spending money on one meal.

Daily self-care tasks

Every day, complete at least one task that’s directed towards your self-care. This could be writing in a journal about how you feel, having regular phone calls with friends and family members to talk about how you’re feeling and what’s going on in your life, or taking time out of your day to do something you enjoy.

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