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Six Tips On How To Beat Stress

We all live busy and full lives, so it is no surprise that we tend to get stressed from time to time! However, stress is not something that is good for our well-being and there are a few simple things that you should be doing to help beat it.

These top tips are by no means medically proven, however they will certainly help contribute to reducing your stress levels!

1. Exercise

if you are starting to feel your stomach become knotted and tight, exercise is a great relief! It is often promoted as being excellent for its positive effects on our overall health, however a high intensity workout will certainly bring some great benefits in reducing your stress levels!

2. Limit Caffeine

Those three, four or five coffees that you have during the day may be helping to keep you awake and alert (so you think), however did you know that caffeine increases anxiety and reduces sleep, prohibiting your recovery from stress. Therefore, cutting down on your coffee and fizzy drinks will be a big help.

3. Connect With People

Having a good support network of friends, family and colleagues can help ease your stress as they will be able to help you see things from different perspective. In addition, doing fun activities and having a good laugh with them is a great stress reliever.

4. Try To Be Positive

You should always look for the positives in life, and things for which you are grateful. A good exercise is to try writing down three things that went well, or for which you are grateful at the end of every day as this will help focus the mind.

5. Have Some 'Me Time'

The UK tends to have some of the longest working hours in Europe meaning that we often don't spend much time doing the things that we enjoy. Setting aside a couple of nights each week for some quality 'me time' such as socialising, relaxation or exercise away from work can make a big difference. Putting these days in the diary means that you will not be tempted to work them.

6. Eat Well

We all know that eating well is one key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, but eating well can also contribute to reduced levels of stress. For example, foods rich in vitamin C may help lower your stress hormones and nuts and seeds may also be calming.

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