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Five Easy Ways to Get Outdoors

We all know the benefits of spending time outdoors, both physically and psychologically. However, adding another task to a never-ending list of responsibilities can feel daunting, and making time to spend outside can be difficult when you’re busy with work and other obligations. Here are six easy ways to get outdoors, even when you don't feel like it.

Run household errands

Grocery shopping or paying bills can easily double-up as some precious outside time. You could park your car a little further away than you usually would, get off the bus a stop early, or take twenty minutes in a green space on the way there or back.

Go when motivation hits

It’s easy to put off going outdoors, so make sure you go when the motivation hits. If you feel most energetic in the morning, get out and about as early as possible. If work, or family responsibilities, preclude you from leaving the house early, walk some of the school run or work journey; even five minutes in a green space can help calm and relax you, leaving you feeling more positive and motivated for your day.

Stay close to home

Spending time outside needn't mean a huge time commitment—the easiest way to get outdoors and enjoy fresh air is right in your own garden, if you have one. If not, a walk around the block will get your blood pumping.

Pack a picnic

Much of our UK weather isn't conducive to picnicking, so you'll need to keep an eye on the weather forecast. A dry day, even if cold, can be a beautiful experience if you pick a spot carefully. Or just take your lunch into the garden, balcony or local park for a change of scenery.

Go with friends

Including friends in plans can be a great way to increase your motivation for a particular activity. Whether a stroll through a local green space or a hike up a hill, sometimes it's better with a bit of company.

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