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A Short Guide to Environmental Wellness

Pollution and global warming are some of the biggest threats to human health and the health of the planet, but the messages we receive are often overwhelming and leave us confused as to how we can help.

How do I improve environmental wellness?

Environmental wellness begins with you. It is easy to feel daunted by the concept of 'saving the planet', but when you view the concept holistically, it encompasses actions you may not have considered. By breaking this concept down into digestible parts, you will be able to take actions to improve the wellness of your own environment, minimising your impact on the planet as a whole.

First steps

Some slight changes in our behaviour can have huge benefits for our planet for generations to come. Make a positive impact by exploring green living with these simple tips:

  • Turn off your lights.

  • Ride your bike, walk, or use public transport instead of driving your car.

  • Buy local produce and support your community farmers.

  • Eat seasonally—local food is typically grown without pesticides or preservatives and tastes better too!

  • Reduce waste

  • Reuse products and packaging

  • Recycle wherever possible

  • Contribute to conservation efforts in your local area

  • Litter picking

  • Take responsibility for your own actions by, for example, not smoking in places where it will affect other people.

How can I make my day-to-day life more sustainable?

First, take a look at your waste. How much of what you throw away is actually recyclable? Set up bins in your home that separate rubbish from items that can be recycled or composted. It’s not always easy to recycle food scraps and other non-paper items, but it is possible. Contact your local recycling service or council to learn about how you can recycle things that can’t be collected during your usual refuse collection.

How do I shop for sustainable products?

We all want to do our part for the environment and buy sustainable products when we can. It’s easier than you think: look for official certifications like Fair Trade or Rainforest Alliance, which guarantee that your purchase was made ethically and sustainably. Shopping from small businesses plays a big part in reducing your own carbon footprint.

By making small tweaks you can positively contribute to environmental wellness. Just one minor behavioural change will have a big impact for years to come.

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